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At Garrison Law Firm, PLLC, getting results and making the process of working with a lawyer a positive one are what we do every single day.

A Jackson divorce and family law attorney ready to help you navigate through life changes

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Through Difficult Events

You’re looking for a lawyer because you need someone to help you pursue the results you’re looking for in your case, whether that’s being treated fairly during divorce proceedings, looking to resolve your bankruptcy issues or creating a durable estate plan to protect you and your loved ones.

At the same time, you want a lawyer who can make your journey through the legal process easier and show you that you can use the legal system to make your life better.

At Garrison Law Firm, PLLC, Ridgeland attorney Frank Garrison has honed his legal experience and approach to client service during more than 15 years in practice. Now, he offers the benefit of his problem-solving experience and dedication to a strong attorney-client relationship to you when you need it most.

A Firm Where Your
Future Matters

While our core areas of practice, family law and estate planning are in some ways very different, they also share a common theme: The future can be an uncertain place, but effective and compassionate legal help can make it both more certain and more hopeful.

We understand that whether you are coming to the end of a long marriage, being forced to revisit a relationship that ended years ago or simply need someone to help you put your affairs in order, you deserve experienced legal help that understands what matters most to you. Because our clients work exclusively with our experienced attorney, you can be sure that no matter what your specific goals are, you will receive legal help designed specifically to help you achieve them.

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