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Helping You Find A Way Forward

As a spouse — and especially as a parent — family matters more than anything else. Now that the future looks very different for you and those you share your life with, what matters most is protecting your legal rights while preserving those relationships that mean the most to you.

Divorce is seldom straightforward and almost never emotionally easy, but an experienced and compassionate family lawyer can make dealing with the legal necessities easier for you. Frank Garrison is an experienced attorney — he has practiced in civil litigation for more than 15 years — who has focused a large part of his practice on family law issues because he understands that people facing divorce or other family disputes need quality, compassionate advice. If your future seems uncertain, our firm can show you a way forward.

“As a spouse and parent who has been through the divorce process, I know firsthand how difficult and emotionally demanding it can be. That is why I’m committed to helping my clients face divorce and related matters with confidence. I know I can’t remove every emotion from the process, but I can and will do everything possible to protect what matters most to my clients with the least amount of time, worry and disagreement necessary.” — Frank Garrison

Your Advocate In Mississippi Family Court | Serving The Jackson Metro

While divorces are the most frequent cause of family-related legal disputes, our firm can help you whether you are currently in a marriage, in a long-term relationship with a partner involving shared assets and children, or need to revisit the terms of a divorce decree. Our services include:

We are experienced in handling uncontested divorces, in which couples largely agree on issues and want to finalize a divorce as quickly as possible. With an extensive litigation background, however, our attorney can also represent you if you and your (ex-)spouse are in bitter disagreement and require aggressive trial advocacy.

Learn more about how we can help you during a free consultation. Email us now or call our Ridgeland offices at 769-230-8269.

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