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Estate Planning Doesn’t Have To Be Overwhelming. Our Firm Can Make It Easier.

We’ve all done it: delayed tackling an important issue because it seemed overwhelming, or because we knew it would force us to have difficult conversations with ourselves and loved ones and to make hard choices. “Next month,” “next year” and “when things settle down” become an easy way to avoid doing something important.

When it comes to your estate, however, you simply cannot afford to wait. We never know what the future holds, which means we should take the opportunity while we can to put our affairs in order and gain peace of mind that, even if the unthinkable occurs, our most important wishes will be protected.

That’s what an effective estate plan can do, and attorney Frank Garrison can help you step by step through the process. He is a highly experienced Mississippi wills and estates lawyer. Just as importantly, his personal approach can show you that estate planning does not have to be a complicated and emotionally overwhelming process. Even though it is impossible to remove all emotion from such a personal area of the law, our firm can give you the help you need to face the future with confidence.

Everyone, from every walk of life, benefits from a complete estate plan. Whether you are young and single, a newlywed, a new parent or even coming out of a divorce, it is important to have documents that state your wishes and how you want your most personal possessions handled.

From Simple Wills To Complex Trusts, Our Firm Has You Covered

You will see how easy the estate planning can be beginning with a free, initial consultation with attorney Frank Garrison. We offer straightforward pricing for basic estate plan packages, and you will work personally with our attorney during the planning process.

Based on your needs, we will develop an estate plan consisting of some or all of the following:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Advance health care directives
  • General durable of attorney

Schedule your free consultation now. Call our Ridgeland office at 769-230-8269 or send an email. We work with clients and their families throughout the Jackson metro area.

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